Sunday, January 19, 2014

New Life, New Blog

    As 2014 rang in, I found out that life as I knew it would change, and I would have no control over that event.  While I am still learning and understanding what change will mean to me and my family, I have decided to take charge of the things I can control, within reason.
    I am an extremely private and protective person, so while I am blogging, I will refrain from using anyone's real name, nor post any identifying characteristics of us or our community.  I will say that we live in Western Washington, blocks from the Puget Sound, about an hour away from Seattle in a midsized city of around 40,000 people.  This will be pertinent to any gardening posts.
    Our 1910 house is situated in the old downtown area on a 1/4 acre lot.  Downtown has been half-heartedly attempting a revitalization of sorts for several years.  Our house is an amalgam of restoration, remodel and make-do, with a wish list a mile long.
    Because we are in downtown, there are laws in place restricting pets and livestock.  We are allowed to have a number of laying hens contained in a backyard with a license.  We love our feathered girls and are always trying out new egg using recipes. We have a one year old puppy that I affectionately nicknamed Booger, and she manages to get into trouble daily.  Unless the laws change, we will probably never be able to raise broilers or have a mini cow. Time will tell.
    We have been growing fruits and vegetables in our yard, then harvesting, eating and preserving them through various methods. This year I believe will be our biggest garden ever. I hope to document the triumphs and trials of growing food organically as well as recipes and techniques.  I have canned (both water bath and pressure), fermented, pickled, dehydrated, stored and frozen our produce as well as abundance found at markets and local farms.  I am a lifetime adventurous home cook experimenting with different cuisines, whole foods, gluten free and paleo dishes.  I love to feed my family organic, local and seasonal food, as well as healthify family recipes.
    At times, I sew, knit, crochet, paint, craft, and create.  Sometimes I create out of love, sometimes to meet a need, and a lot of times because the kiddo wants to.  As these occasions spring up, I will make efforts to document them here.  Currently there is a pile of mending, a pile of tote bags to be completed, a quilt to make for a big kiddo bed, curtains to be assembled, a crocheted cardigan to finish, the hope of several amigurumi, a stuffed dog for a new baby, several dresses for a growing kiddo, aprons to fashion.  All of this likely can be accomplished through accumulated stash, but we shall see.
   Over time I have become a fairly obsessive thrifter.  Most of the time, all of our clothing and housewares have been obtained through thrift, freecycling, craigslist, friends, except for those most personal of things like underwear.  I have made decisions to opt for new more efficient appliances, as the old have keeled-over, but at the same time, I keep my eye out and be patient for a stovetop espresso pot or a pizza peel.  I am having a minor love affair with all things Pyrex, within reason.  I envision sharing these finds and the outcome of their integration into our lives.
    We'll see how this goes, if I am able to consistently post, if I remember to get out the camera and document while in the throws of life.