Monday, January 27, 2014

A Fun Whale For A Special Boy

A good friend of ours turned one on Friday.  We were kindly invited to the party.  I remembered, the morning of, that I needed to make a gift.  My mind has definitely been elsewhere.  I ran a quick Google search for "easy stuffed animal patterns" and found a super cute whale on Etsy, where I could purchase the pattern for 7.50 Euros or something.  I read something once that said something to the effect of people only look at Etsy for ideas to rip off.  Who needs a pattern?  Not me.  We rummaged through the stash to find some colorful flannel, perfect for a little boy to cuddle.  Then trial and error, sew and resew, stuff and unstuff and stuff again.  Finally, we had a completed whale.  Not perfect, but lovable.

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